Patch notes 2.0

New features:

- 2D Desktop tools. A new way to use Design Space without VR equipment.

- Mobile/Browser project streaming (Beta).

- Support for Oculus Quest 1&2-Improved saving & loading interactions.

- Improved collaboration system.

- New DS client layout.

Patch notes 1.029

New features:

- The corresponding downloaded files are removed when deleting project or scene.

- User can now change the folder where scenes are downloaded from the user information menu.

- Local projects is now accessed from projects page.

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Patch notes 1.027

New features:

- Quick build: faster pipeline to work with your model

- Recent projects: Access your most recent projects quickly from the home page

Download your model

Fixes and updates:

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Cloud services 1.01

New patch will be live after 7.11.2019 16.00, the maintenance will start at 15.00. All builds after this will have the new features:

- Better block loading in point clouds

- When collaborating display- and company name fields accept special characters

- Added a speed limit to "flying tool" to prevent user accidentaly flying away from the scene. Also added new parameters to "flying tool" inspector for easier adjustment.

- Fixed user movement moving, when typing numbers from keypad

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Point clouds released and patch notes 1.023

Recently released update for our Design Space software brought with it an expected new feature: Design Space can now process massive point cloud datasets. This new feature brings more variety on how Design Space can be used..

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