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Patch notes 0.866

In short: More intuitive layout with redesigned visuals. Projects & models -pages were merged into Content Manager.


- Login screen and the main layout completely revamped

- Multifunctional upload/download bar

- Other visual improvements

Added user quickbar with a dropdown menu

- Moved cloud info into the menu

- Moved settings (clear cache) into the menu

- Quick links to support and an option to log out

New 'Home' page

- Added example scenes section, where you can try out new features in scenes designed by us

- Added quick links to tutorials

New 'Content Manager page'

- Projects and models have been merged into Content Manager

New 'Upload Manager'

Under the hood

- Optimized cache usage

0.866 RC2 Change Log

- New cloud space indicator

- Last opened project information now cached

- Notification if creating project with duplicate name

- Deleting project loading indicator added, also performs twice faster

- Model listing loading indicator added

- Scene listing loading indicator added

- Default values for import

- SD-card compatibility

- Upload Manager: New upload queue system

- Upload Manager: Drag and drop models to upload queue (without textures)

- Upload Manager: Cannot add duplicate objects to upload queue

- User Menu: Disk and cloud space calculations corrected and better optimized

- User Menu: Can now be opened from icon

0.866 RC3 Change Log

- Scene list updates when new scene is created

- All tabs stay visible for better user experience

- When project is created it opens automatically

In the nearby future:

- More user experience tweaks

- Continuing layout development in project and scene pages

- New features for recently redesigned pages.