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Patch notes 1.0

Version 1.0 gives a more stable user experience with optimized file transfer settings and better error handling.

New Features:

- Better error handling for file upload and download

- User cannot import model to scene while model is still uploading

- Canceling model upload now deletes already uploaded data

- Start position vectors allow only numbers and one '.'

- Model upload is more stable

- File download requires more free space on HD to make sure decompressing works

- Building scene now shows steps for e.g. (1/4)

- Fixed problem with deleting items from model upload queue

- Fixed project and scene datetimes on creation

- Creating projects is more stable

- More stable collaboration

- Multiplayer is now available for trial users

- Better version checker

- User is informed if Design Space services are in maintenance

- File transfer is more stable

- Small layout changes and fixes