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Point clouds released and patch notes 1.023


Point clouds

Recently released update for our Design Space software brought with it an expected new feature: Design Space can now process massive point cloud datasets. This new feature brings more variety on how Design Space can be used.

Designers can now import their own point clouds in to Design Space and move within the material in virtual reality. Point cloud datasets are gathered for example from factory and industrial environments by laser scanning the surroundings. Now our team is developing an artificial intelligence driven pipe modelling tool, which will be able to model piping from point cloud data.

Point cloud support enables more efficient use of Design Space in inspecting collisions and to prevent costly design errors. At the same time Plant 3D visualizations, floor plan designing, scan-to-BIM modelling and pipe routing can be done more effectively.

Patch notes 1.023

New features:

Point cloud converter

Empty scene can be created for point clouds