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Point Clouds into Design Space

Design Space will soon be able to handle massive point cloud datasets in virtual reality. This way users can much more efficiently utilize scan data which is becoming more common every day. With this, point cloud designers can easily verify their design inside the 3D-captured environment. This will eliminate most of the design errors and re-work which are caused by the collisions between new design and the existing environment.

With Design Space Point Clouds there is no need to triangulate point clouds from laser scanning or photogrammetry sources. This will make the utilization of scanned data much more straightforward. Point Cloud is also much more accurate than a triangulated mesh model and can be streamed directly from a hard drive or the web. At this moment our team is also developing an Artificial Intelligence assisted tool for modelling pipes from a point cloud.

Point cloud support in Design Space can be used for example for Plant 3D Map Visualization and as a background for layout planning, scan-to-BIM modelling, design verification and collision detection, pipe routing and much more.

At the moment we have the capability to offer custom scenes with point cloud support. Automatic point cloud importer will be released to the userbase during Q2/2019.

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