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Patch notes 1.022

New features:

- Model upload now supports feet as a scale

- Added support for .skp files

- 3D Talo virtual factory desktop demo can now be downloaded from the home page

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Point Clouds into Design Space

Design Space will soon be able to handle massive point cloud datasets in virtual reality. This way users can much more efficiently utilize scan data which is becoming more common every day. With this, point cloud designers can easily verify their design inside the 3D-captured environment. This will eliminate most of the design errors and re-work which are caused by the collisions between new design and the existing environment.

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Patch notes 1.01

New features and fixes:

- Projects with build failed statuses can be deleted

- Better special character handling on login

Visual updates:

- Fixed issue where wrong page was shown on scene creation

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Patch notes 1.0

Version 1.0 gives a more stable user experience with optimized file transfer settings and better error handling.

New Features:

- Better error handling for file upload and download

- User cannot import model to scene while model is still uploading

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Patch notes 0.89

- Better build status handling

- Creating new project is more reliable

- Better special character handling

- Login screen is shown on logout

- Scene listing and opening is more reliable

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We're showcasing DS at Alihankinta 2018 Subcontracting Fair

The 2018 trade fair runs from Tuesday 25th of September until Thursday 27th. Does collaborative design in virtual reality over the internet pique your interest? Or visualizing IoT-data in real time with augmented reality? For all this and the latest news on DS development, stop by to say hello at our booth E119! We have also planned daily demonstration shows that showcase the power of DS, and our other solutions.

In association with Documtec Oy

We're also excited to finally reveal our latest 3D Talo video introduction at Alihankinta 2018. Heartfelt thanks to Jere Koistinen of Rainy Day Entertainment for wonderful collaboration!

We wish our clients and partners a colorful autumn. See you at the fair!

Patch notes 0.866

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