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Draw lines

The tool is highlighted with a blue circle on the image above. Drawing tool can be used in different types of situations. It can be used to make pointers, notes or markings to the model and after finished, you can take a picture of your markings with camera tool and share the picture with your collagues or partners. If you are in collaboration -mode you can use the drawing tool for communicating with eachother if you don't have microphone

Draw tool

You can draw freely in to the walls or in to the air, depending on the mode you are using. With laser drawing mode on, you can draw to the surfaces. Laser drawing mode off, you can draw in to the free air. After you have done your drawing or misdraw something, you can erase your drawings with eraser. You can also change the colour of the pen and size of your pencil draw size


Drawing starts when you hold tool controllers trigger and stops when the trigger is released


You can erase your drawings by holding tool controllers menu button


You can select the drawing color by selecting it from the colors list by pointint the color with tool controllers pointer and clicking the wanted color with tool controllers trigger


You can increase and decrease your pens size by rotating your finger on top of the tool controllers touch wheel. Increase to the clockwise and decrease to the counterclockwise

1. Laser drawing mode on / off


You can draw to only the surfaces from a distance and the drawing starts from the end of your tool controllers pointer


You can draw in to the air and the drawing starts from the tip of the pen of your tool controller

2. Close tool

Close the current tool and return to the tool menu