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Design Space user data folder

Design Space user data folder is created automatically upon starting your first build, the folder is located in your Documents folder, and it includes all your screenshots, exports and savefiles which have been created with the software. The data folder is also the drop location for external assets you wish to use in Design Space.

Screenshots folder contains all your screenshots that were taken with the Screenshot tool.

Exports folder includes all the changes and added objects made in Design Space. By pressing the “export” button in the Tool menu, all the changes will be saved in the folder in either .FBX or .STL format, depending on your selection. After that they can be imported back into your CAD software for further work or viewing.

Saves contains all user savefiles created with the 'Save' function in DS. Saved files are in our proprietary .3DT -format. When loading from a .3DT-savefile, Design Space also tries to access your models folder for any imported assets that were used in the scene's creation.

Models folder is for user to bring up own assets from design software by inserting those files in the folder. Design Space currently supports both .OBJ and .FBX formats for runtime importing. To ensure ease of use, please use assets that are in metric scale with Z-axis facing upwards. When the assets moved into the folder, you can place them in the scene by using the Add (+) -tool in the Tool menu.