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Measure distances

The tool is highlighted with a blue circle on the image above. The tool is used for taking measurements inside the scene. When your model is in real life 1:1 scale, you can take mm accurate measurements from the model when you are designing or planning. First the tutorial will go through how the measurement tool is operated and then how the supporting tool options work


Take measurements from the top of surfaces and also from the air, with raycast mode on / off. If you have raycast mode on, your measurement line will start from the surface by what your tool controllers pointer touches. If raycast mode is off the measurement will start from the balloon at the top of your tool menu controller. After the measurement is done, you can read the length of your measurement from the box on the measurement line. Reading the correct length happens by reading XYZ values from the measurements value box. They give straight point to point measurements, so it doesn't matter if your measurement line is not straight

Take measurement

Click tool controllers trigger button to set up the first point of the measurement, and by clicking it again, set the second point and end measurement.

Edit measurement

If you want to edit a measurement line, point the circle at the end of the measurement line, when the color changes hold tool controllers trigger and pull it to the wanted direction, releasing the button ends the editing

Delete measurement

Deleting the measurement, point the circle at the end of the measurement line, when the circle color changes click tool controllers menu button

1. Close tool

Close the current tool and return to the tool menu

2. Raycast mode on / off


With raycast on, you can take measurements only from the surfaces


With raycast off, you can take measurements out of the air

3. Clear measurement lines

Clears all the measurement lines from the scene. If you are in collaboration mode, it clears also measurement lines created by others.