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Moving & Tools


Teleport, Menu controller's trigger

Teleport is used for covering long distances instantly. You can start teleporting by pressing and holding menu controller's trigger and pointing towards the desired landing spot. By releasing the menu controller's trigger you will then teleport to the destination.

Flying, Menu controllers menu button

Flying is used for covering short distances or when there is no visible landing spot for teleportation. You can start flying by pressing and holding the menu controller's menu button and then pushing menu controller to wanted direction. Movement is controlled by the reach of your arm. Stop by releasing the button.


Tool panel

The tool panel includes all the tools and the panel is always open on top of the menu controller. Desired tool is then chosen with tool controller's pointer and selection confirmed with the tool controller's trigger.

Starting from left, first line of tools are:

  • Export objects / scene
  • Change settings & environment
  • Take pictures
  • Hide objects
  • Select objects
  • Scale your own size

  • Starting from left, second line of tools are:

  • Measure distances
  • Draw lines
  • Draw cubes and cylinders
  • Add custom objects
  • Draw pipes
  • Select, move, copy