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Mixed reality headset

If you are using Mixed reality headset, some of the models don't have built in microphone. In order to use Design Space VoIP correctly you need to have a working microphone on your computer setup.

Check if your MR headset has a built in microphone

If you are using a laptop, you can use laptops own microphone.

How to test your microphone:

  • 1. Install Steam VR & Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR (if not installed)
  • 2. Plug in your MR headset
  • 3. Start Windows Mixed Reality portal
  • 4. Click speakers with mouse 2 (option 1)
  • 4. Click the up arrow with mouse 1 and click speakers with mouse 2 (option 2)
  • 5. Open Sound settings
  • If you can't detect any input voice, there are two ways how to get your microphone to work:

    1. Plug in microphone

  • Some of the models have a place for 3,5mm jack. If you have a plug in microphone or headphones with microphone you can plug them in.
  • To ensure that the microphone is working, go back to Sound settings
  • (Example headphones below)

    2. Use computers own microphone

    If your computer has a built in microphone you can use it aswell

  • 1. Open Mixed reality portal and click three dots from the bottom left corner
  • 2. Click settings and choose audio settings
  • 3. Set the switches to off.