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Point cloud

Design Space supports common point cloud formats.

Point clouds gives you a chance to upload and handle massive datasets in VR.

This way you can utilize scanned data much more efficiently which is becoming more common every day. With point clouds designers can easily verify their design inside the 3D-captured environment.

Our point cloud converter supports following formats:

  • .e57
  • .ptx
  • .pcd
  • .e57 files should be in structured format and one e57 per scan station

    Go to Content Manager tab and click "Convert point cloud" button

    Settings list:

    1. Choose the folder which includes all the point cloud files

    2. Choose a folder for data extraction (SSD is preferred)

    3. (OPTIONAL) If main extract folder is not in SSD drive a temp folder is needed which must be SSD

    4. Blocksize

  • What sized single blocks are created (value x value x value meters).
  • 5. Number of CPU threads

  • You can choose how many threads your computer uses for the operation.
  • 6. Max point density

  • Set the point cloud density level (mm)

  • Click "Convert" button and importing starts.

    Start a scene when importing is ready, you can use old scene or create a new one

    After Design Space is ready

    Click the "PointCloud" dropdown list

    Click the "Load" button

    1. Navigate to the extraction folder you set before and choose .dspc file

    2. Click "download" button