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Quick edit

Quick edit is a fast and simple way for you to edit your model without re-upload. Just change the up vector, the scale or rename it, save and build it again to see the changes take effect. You can also download the model back to your computer from the client and delete it as well.

From the Home tab, go to the Projects and Files tab

Hover the desired model with your mouse and three buttons will appear

1. Download file

  • You can download the model back to your computer
  • 2. Delete file

  • You can delete the model
  • 3. Edit file

    After you have clicked the edit file button you'll get in to the Edit model setup

    1. Model name

  • You can rename the model if needed
  • 2. Up vector

  • Set the up vector of the model
  • 3. Scale

  • Set up the scale of the model
  • 4. Save

  • Saves the edited values

  • After you have saved all the changes, you only need to build your model again