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The tool is highlighted with a blue circle on the image above. The camera in the Design Space is an easy way for you to share your ideas, notifications, edits and progress inside the scene. The camera tool contains the camera itself and few different supporting tools. First the tutorial will go through the camera and how to use it and then all the different supporting tools.


After selecting the camera tool from the tool panel, the camera will appear to your tool controllers left side, the camera follows the controller all the time.

To take a picture, point your camera to the wanted direction and click tool controllers trigger button, if you have sounds on, you will hear a "camera snapping sound". After you have succesfully taken your picture you can find it from C:\Users\"USERNAME"\Documents\Design Space\Screenshots and share it with your collagues or friends.

The camera also has a built in zoom. You can zoom in by pressing tool controllers touch wheels top part and zoom out by pressing tool controllers touch wheels bottom part.

1. Close tool

Close the current tool and return to the tool menu

2. Wireframe

Selecting wireframe mode, camera will hide all the visible surfaces and show the vertex beneath the surfaces

3. Ortographic

Sets up the camera angle to birds eye view

4. Direction axis

2-axels locked, camera can be rotated freely around the snap axel

5. Orientation axes

3-axels locked, turning the camera snaps the camera angle to the closest axel