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Transform Tool

Transform tool can only be used in the desktop view without VR. In the top left corner of the Design Space client, there is a dropdown list named "Transform Tool". By clicking it a list of all the static models present in the scene will open up. After this is done, click the desired model and Transform Tool will open to the middle of the screen.

The default value of Scale fields is 1, for example model is scaled with Z-axis and the result is not desired, you can restore the default value 1 and model will be restored. Rotate and Move fields default values are 0.

1. Move X, Y, Z

  • If the position of the model needs to be changed, change the XYZ values of the Move field, values are in pixels, for example you can move the model to the direction of X-axis with 100 (meters)
  • 2. Rotate X, Y, Z

  • If the angle of model is incorrect, you can rotate the model. Rotating the model works with degrees for example rotate X-axis 90°
  • 3. Scale X, Y, Z

  • In case where the model is not scaled correctly, or you need to scale the model to be larger or smaller, the model can be scaled with singular axis or with XYZ every axis at once.
  • 4. In the bottom right corner you can see the X, Y, Z-axis. By observing the axis moving, scaling and rotating becomes much easier, red is X-axis, green is Y-axis and blue is Z-axis. The axis rotates with camera.